I Have a Blog!

I totally forgot about this. I should write more often.

More soon? Or maybe I’ll forget about it all over again. Or something.

How’s the economy? Don’t ask the media.

Take a look at this graph. It’s a graph of a stock index. When you see this graph, do you think it’s from a time when the economy was good, or a time when the economy was bad?

Economy graph, going up

I’ll give you a hint…
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Flooded roads

I’ve created a map of flooded roads in Whatcom County and Bellingham, located here.

I try to update it every half hour or so from information on the county’s web site and the state’s web site. It has been traveling around Twitter and other places, is posted on KING5, and should be on the Bellingham Herald’s web site soon. So far 637 people have looked at it.


Operating System

I’ve been working a lot on my operating system (codenamed “Zebu”) these days. I have a blog about it here. So… check it out. Yeah. Or something.


If you have a problem: loan as much money as you can (even if you already owe way more than you can afford to ever pay back), and throw all that money at the problem. That’ll fix it. Ta-da!

That’s all I have to say for today… or something.