Life would be easier…

Life would be easier if fish didn't have bones. At least, it'd be easier to eat them that way. I say this only because I'm trying to eat some fresh salmon that has lots of bones in it.

In fact, it would be easier if all the animals we eat didn't have bones. Hrm… Or blood vessels! I don't like eating chicken off the bone because I sometimes find blood vessels in there. Ew. Somehow eating an animal's muscles doesn't bother me, though.

By the way, in the future expect a technical review from me of “Back to the Moon” by Homer H. Hickam, Jr. It's a good story and all, but there are a few problems I've found with the technical aspects of it. I'm trying to keep a log of the things I notice, which I will clean up and post for ya.

Now I shall get back to reading that…

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