Stupid Weather!

Aw, I was hoping for the space shuttle Atlantis launch on Sunday afternoon, but it looks like the launch pad structure was hit by lightning on Friday, so they're postponing for about 24 hours to check things out.

They say it was the lightning stike was the largest one they've ever had on the pad. I wonder how hard it would be for them to just stick up a giant lightning rod that would deflect the charge away from the entire launch structure? Oh wait, they do have one, sticking right off the top of the launch complex… huh… maybe they could have engineered it a little better so the orbiter wouldn't get damaged when it gets hit? I dunno…

There's also been mention that they might have to delay the launch because a tropical storm could threaten Mission Control is Houston later in the week.

Stupid weather.

By the way, I watched the International Space Station fly over again last night. It's not a terribly exciting activity, but when there's nothing else to do it's kinda cool to watch, I guess.

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