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Well, sleeping in the trailer wasn't so bad. No super comfortable, but I think it can work (maybe with some modifications). I woke up a few times during the night, I guess. The biggest problem was I didn't have a heater turned on, so it got pretty cold in here… I'm guessing around 60 or so. *shiver*

Still dunno what I'm doing today. I told my sister last night that I didn't think it was really worth the gas to drive down to Monroe. I do want to go to the library to get those books though.

Anyway, I don't want to talk too much about my daily life on this thing… I intend to be philosophical and scientific in my future postings, unless I have some life lesson to share, or I'm extremely bored.

To the Trailer

Well, I'm out in the travel trailer now. I grabbed just enough stuff from the house to last me through the night. More stuff will come later if I survive the night.

My wireless is sucking out here. It's almost as bad as dialup. I might have to buy a repeater to set up in the nearest side of the house, or I could maybe relocate the access point itself so it is nearer. Sometimes stuff just doesn't work, too. Kind of familiar, somehow…

I'm watching the end of “You've Got Mail” on TV. I didn't realize it was on TV earlier, or I woulda watched the whole thing. 🙂 Oh well, it'll be on again or somethin. Watching just the end of it is a little weird, cuz I missed all the character development and other things that would probably be extremely useful. It's extremely funny tho anyway.

I don't have any firm plans for the weekend yet. My parents are going to a rabbit show down in Monroe. My sister and I are thinking about driving down there part of the day, but it may not be worth the gas. I also need to get to the library in Lynden where I have a couple books on hold. Other than that, maybe I can find a programming project or something to work on, to excercise my brain.


Hi. I don't have anything else to say at the moment. You shall hear from me sooner or later, though. 🙂