2007 MINI Cooper

The new 2007 MINI Cooper was revealed yesterday at a car show in France. It's not dramatically different at first glance, but really there's a whole lot they have changed about this car.

CarAndDriver.com has the full details including a large photo gallery.

Basically, almost every single thing about the car has changed in some very subtle way. For example, the headlights are now redesigned to include the turn signals within them, and are attached to the body instead of the bonnet (hood). The bonnet apparently has holes in it for the lights to fit through. The shape of it is slightly different, but hardly noticeable. The radiator air intake area on the front appears to be somewhat larger. The interior is a completely different style, although they've left the big gauge in the very center of the dash. It looks to me like they've lifted the front end a little higher off the ground. That's a very good thing — trust me.

I think if the dealer was a little closer and there wasn't a six-month waiting period, I'd get me one of these. 🙂

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