Apartments and things

Well, it's been like a month and a half since I've posted here. There are a lot of reasons for this.

The first reason I haven't posted much is because I don't really know of that many people who actually read this. But I figured that if I were to actually tell people about it, maybe more people would read it. 😉 I realized it'd be easier to write everything here once and have all my friends read it than it would be to have to tell everyone the same thing individually.

On top of that, I haven't really been allocating time for things like LiveJournal, MySpace, and Facebook these days. Most of my time that isn't spent at work tends to be spent with Trish.

I haven't mentioned Trish on here before… but that's mostly because I've been spending so much time with her than I haven't really had time to post here 😉 Trish and I have been officially going out since October 17th. In some ways it seems like that wasn't very long ago, but in other ways it seems like forever. This is probably because Trish and I have spent almost every single day together since then. We've spent a lot of time together. Trish is an amazing person (although she denies it), and I really look forward to spending a lot more time with her in the future.

On December 2nd, I moved in to my very own apartment. I'd been thinking about getting an apartment or something for a long time, and finally got the courage (with Trish's support) to do it. The apartment I got is pretty big, and pretty nice. It's got two good sized bedrooms, one of which I use as my “office”, plus the normal things (kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, large living+dining room…).

Of course, moving out of one's parent's house means that one needs to acquire a lot of things. You need places to sit and things to eat with… and things to eat! I'd been saving up money for these sorts of things… but I was quite surprised at how much I ended up spending. I didn't spend more than I had, or really much more than I needed to, but I spent a lot. I've got a nice-looking and comfortable apartment because of it, though. I'm happy about it. I just wish Samuel's Furniture would get my dining table in and deliver it soon! I have to sit on the floor to eat still.

Well, we have to… not I. Trish has been staying here quite a bit, and will be here through all of her Winter break, before she has to go back to the dorm. We'll be going several places for Christmas: Trish's dad's on Saturday, Trish's mom's on Sunday, and on Monday (Christmas) we'll spend time at my apartment, my parents' house, and my Grandma's condo. It's going to be a very busy–but very good–weekend. I can't wait!

Okay, that's enough for one post. I'll post more some other day.

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