Condo Part 1 – Initial Offer

I made an offer on a condo on Wednesday. Trish and I had run across the condo once some time ago, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest at that time so I threw it off. But now I’m more interested in investing in real estate, and we ran across the condo again. Then, at Easter dinner, my cousin-in-law (who is a Realtor), said, “I’ve got a condo you guys might like.” Of course it happened to be the one Trish and I looked at. So we went and took a look inside the place.

Basically, we fell in love with it. The condo, like our apartment, is has two bedrooms. But it is twice as big as the apartment. I have a really nice apartment, and this condo makes my apartment look like a slapped-together shack in the woods. It has a big living room, giant bedroom, large master bathroom, good sized kitchen, and so on. The kitchen is probably three or four times bigger than the one in our apartment. Plus, the kitchen and dining room have nice-looking hardwood floors. There is a nice deck outside. A gas fireplace occupies a corner of the living room. There’s a walk-in closet. The master bathroom has a jetted tub and two sinks. It’s all just so yummy!

So I talked to a couple guys to see if I can get financing for this thing, and I can. So Wednesday we met with the Realtor and made an offer on it. The offer is kind of low so it may not get accepted, but that’s okay. Hopefully we’ll get a good counter-offer.

Because of special circumstances it could take a few days before I get a response on my offer. So I’m getting pretty anxious waiting for that response.

I will post updates soon after more things happen, assuming I have time to do so.

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