Condo Part 2 – The Wait

In my last post, almost two weeks ago, I indicated that I expected to hear about my offer on a condo within a couple days. However, I still haven’t got a response on the offer, for a large number of reasons.

The number of pending things-that-must-happen is decreasing, thankfully, and now I’m told I should get a response by this Friday. If I do, no matter what that response is, I will be a much happier man. Trish and I really like that condo and are excited about the possibility of getting it!

A little side-note: I seem to have acquired an acute viral nasopharyngitis. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long and isn’t too severe. I’ve taken extreme measures to ensure this, including an intake of over 14 times the recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C and the use of medicines which claim to decrease severity of symptoms by 42% (can that even be measured that way?) and decrease the length of the disease by 3 or 4 days.

Anyway — still waiting on the condo and hoping it works out. I’ll post more when I know more.

  1. I’m tired of waiting. Hrmph. *pouts*

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