Trip to California

Next week I’m going on a trip to California. It’s a business trip, not Disneyland or anything. But it should be fun anyway.

I’m leaving at 4am on Monday and arriving back around 10pm on Friday. This is the first time I’ll fly on an airplane, so that could be interesting. I’ll try to write about each major even shortly after it occurs.

We (my team — all of us are converging from around the country) are staying at the SeaVenture Resort in Pismo Beach, CA. It’s right on the beach there and looks (from pictures) to be a great place! I’m excited about that.

Wednesday is going to be our “team building” day in which we don’t actually do any work, just hang out and have fun. We’re going to be spending most of the time on the beach, but in the afternoon we will be touring Hearst Castle. That would be exciting. I will take lots of pictures (and perhaps post some here).

And yes, I will bring sunblock. I prefer not to burn and blister like my sister did when she went to Alabama and Texas six weeks ago.

By the way, everything is going good with the condo purchase and we should be signing soon!

That’s all for now.

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