California – Part 1

I meant to post a little earlier than this, but I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t really find the time to do so!

So anyway, Monday morning I woke up at 2:30am (after getting to sleep around 11:00pm) to get ready and catch a bus from Bellingham at 4:00. The bus reached Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at something like 6:40am. Security and everything was no problem, then we sat around for a while waiting to board the plane.

Well, I don’t need to do a full play-by-play, I guess. We started boarding the plane early and got up in to the air a few minutes early. Being my first time flying, I was very anxious about it. However, after we took off, I found it very exciting. I enjoyed the rest of the flight very much, especially landing! I took lots of pictures while they allowed us to do so. I even got some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge on our descent to San Jose. I look forward to flying again.

After landing we got a rental car in San Jose (Pontiac G6 GT) we started heading south toward San Luis Obispo. One of the first things I noticed was the palm trees. I’d never seen a palm tree before! They’re all over here, but apparently only for decoration. They don’t seem to grow out in the wild.

I also noticed that it’s pretty hilly and dry. All the grass is brown already. Not like home at all. When we were driving south, we stopped a couple times. It was very warm outside. But once we go to San Luis and Pismo Beach, it didn’t seem warm anymore. It was very comfortable.

I found that in the evenings it actually gets quite cool here. I was shivering a little bit in the evenings.

I got to see the actual Pacific Ocean for the first time. It’s not really much to look at. Just a bunch of water. The waves here are much bigger than those at home, in Puget Sound. I’ve seen many surfers. Apparently, though, the water is very cold here this time of year, perhaps even colder than at home. Those surfers are crazy, I think.

The sand on the beach by the hotel is extremely fine. It’s almost like dust. Up by the hotel it’s very soft and gets in your shoes when you walk, no matter how hard you try to keep it out. Luckily it shakes out very easy. Down below the high-tide line, however, the sand is packed hard and is easy to walk on. In fact, I’ve seen people riding bicycles on the sand down there.

It was nice to meet everyone on my team finally. We spent all of Tuesday in meetings. I was fairly boring, but good to get the information.

Today we’re going to hang out on the beach in the morning and visit Hearst Castle in the after noon. That will be fun.

You can see a selection of the photos I’ve taken here.

I’ll write more later!

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