Engagements, Kayaks, and Deep Bites

Well, I haven’t posted in a while again, but things have been going on… so I thought I’d provide an update and some insight and stuff.

As I previously posted, Trish and I got engaged last month. Everyone seems to be very happy for us. We’re happy that everyone is happy for us. 😉 Everyone asks, “What’s the date?” And we say, “In a couple years.” They often ask why, and we tell them why: Trish wants to be out of school so she can have time to deal with it; and there’s really no reason to hurry — we already live together and do everything together and all that — so not much is expected to change in our day-to-day activities or anything.

In other news, I went kayaking for the first time last weekend. Trish and I have a two-person “folding” kayak that her dad gave us a while back. We took it out on Lake Whatcom. It was pretty fun. We may do it again this weekend. It’s sort of annoying having to put together the kayak and take it back apart again afterward, but it’s convenient that it can fit in either of our cars and in the closet at home.

The only other big thing I can think of that’s going on right now: I got braces a couple weeks ago. Most people don’t say anything about it to me, but one common question is, “Why?” It seems that people didn’t think I needed them. Well, my teeth really don’t look that bad when I talk or anything, but I do have a moderate “deep bite”, which means my top front teeth hang down over my bottom front teeth too far. Plus my bottom teeth are a bit crowded and a little crooked. So I’m getting that fixed.

Since the top teeth overlap the bottom ones, they didn’t put braces on my bottom teeth yet, or I’d be biting them all the time. So it’s just top ones for now, until my top teeth are moved out of the way enough to make it safe for bottom ones. That should happen in about two months. And the entire treatment is expected to take 15 months.

I can’t think of anything else to write about now… so… yeah. Maybe I’ll think of more some other day.

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