Map of Whatcom County Road Closures

This map shows where roads are closed or have water/debris over the road in Whatcom County Jan 7 - 14, 2009. Red indicates road is closed; Blue indicates water or debris on the road, or to caution damage to the road

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I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this. It's based on information from several sources, including posts on forums, Twitter, and government web sites. In many cases I had to do some educated guessing. But, hopefully it's helpful to you nonetheless!

Map assembled by Tyrel Haveman.

Data mostly from Whatcom County Public Works and Washington State Department of Transportation.

If you know of a road that has significant water or debris on it, please contact the Whatcom County and City of Bellingham Joint Emergency Operations Center at 676-6681.

Thanks to KING5 and many others for posting links to this page. No thanks to the Bellingham Herald for trying to make their own map when they said they would link to mine. I think mine is better than theirs.